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Frequently Asked Questions

VBAlert is an emergency alert and warning system provided by the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is a valuable resource for receiving timely and accurate information about emergencies, important events and severe weather notifications impacting Virginia Beach. You can receive information via email and/or text messages by subscribing to this service.

All Virginia Beach citizens with landline telephone service in their homes already receive emergency notifications on these phones. This service will continue, and no action is required on your part. If you would like to also receive emergency information, severe weather notifications and other important alerts on a mobile device or in your email inbox, register with VBAlert.

Who sends out the alerts?
The Virginia Beach Department of Emergency Communications and Citizens Services manages and administers the VBAlert system. They work with the city’s public safety agencies and other city departments to craft and deliver VBAlert messages.

How do I register?
Click on the "New User Registration" menu item on the left side of the home page and follow the prompts.

How many devices/email addresses can I add to my account?
You can have multiple devices and email addresses for your VBAlert account. For instance, you may register yourself and each member of your family under one account. All devices will receive all alert categories selected, so if you want different categories for different family members, please create multiple accounts. Please note that you may only add one device and email at a time.

Can I receive voice notifications on my cell phone?
No. Voice notifications are only delivered to landline telephones.

Is there a fee to register with VBAlert?
VBAlert is a free service provided by the city of Virginia Beach; however, standard text message rates may apply, depending on your cellular plan. Please contact your cellular service provider if you have questions about your plan.

What types of alerts will be sent?
Alert types may include life safety, severe weather or disaster notifications. A few examples of messages that may be sent through VBAlert are:

  • Voluntary/mandatory evacuation orders in your area
  • Hostage or barricade situation in your area
  • Severe weather/flood warnings/alerts
  • Rabid animals reported in your area

How do I manage my account?
To manage your account, you need to log into the system using the account email address and password that you created when you registered. After you log in, you will see six tabs: Home, Locations, Devices, My Alerts, Alert Log and Help.

  • Home tab is a summary of your registration information and devices. You can send a test alert to your registered devices from this page.
  • Locations tab allows you to select geographic points of interest so you can receive alerts targeted to the location.
  • Devices tab allows you to add, change or delete your registered devices.
  • My Alerts tab allows you to sign up for notifications targeted to different groups.
  • Alert Log tab is a log of all alerts received.
  • Help tab provides resources for further assistance.

How do I ensure alerts are not blocked or delivered to my Junk Mail?
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) utilize various methods to prevent unsolicited commercial email (Junk mail or spam) from being delivered to users' mailboxes. Some of these methods may mistakenly classify VBAlert messages as junk mail and not deliver the alert to the recipient. Each ISP has a different set of steps to follow to ensure these alerts get delivered directly to the users' mailboxes. Typically the sender's domain name must be added to an address book or 'safe sender list'. To ensure you receive VBAlert emails, please add to your address book or safe sender list.

What are the browser requirements for using VBAlert?
Windows Internet Explorer 8 and Mozilla Firefox browsers are supported by VBAlert. Other browsers may work with the system; however, certain features may not function correctly.

What if I need additional help?
Contact support at

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